NotesLog Express Software V2011.1


Store, Manage, Secure, Archive - Notes, Documents, Pictures, Tasks, Links, ID's & Pwd's

Auto Login to Web Accounts & Forms Fill

Freeware - Compact Size - Portable - No Setup - No Registration - No Limitation










 PAD XML File for Download Sites

Take your Notes, Documents, Links, ID's & Password's, PhoneBook, Tasks anywhere: No Setup, No Registration, use on any Computer, as many users as needed on the same computer, Unlimited Use with No Restrictions. Use on Hard, Portable, Flash Drives, or writable medias.

Use NotesLog Express to: Store, Retrieve, Catalog, Manage, Secure, Search, Sort, Export, Notes & Documents & Links & Various information, and ID's & Pwd's with Auto Login and Forms Fill, in a Password Protected DataBase. Items are Searched by any Field or all Fields. Notes may be exported to Html File to View or to Print. NotesLog Express may also be used for Records, Bills, Medications, Favorite Internet Sites & Live Radio and TV Stations & Videos & Weather, OffLine Web Pages, Downloads, Programs, Folders, Multimedia, Collections, Items, Appointments, Reminders, Work Cases, Customers, other Information...



Run One Time as Administrator in Newer Windows Versions as Windows Vista and Windows 7 then Uncheck Run as Administrator to prevent constant Security Popup.


For Windows 98, Windows NT & 2000 without latest Service Pack, Microsoft MSVBVM60.DLL required if not present.


If you downloaded an earlier Version and missing MSVBVM50.DLL




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